PWSBiA’s mission is to educate specialists in various fields of economic, social and political sphere, especially in the areas such as business, administration, law, diplomacy and modern technologies. The University offers full time and part time Bachelor programs, postgraduate studies, specialized courses and other forms of education.

The University offers Undergraduate/Bachelor programs.

In the process of learning we pay special attention not only to specialized classes but also to foreign languages, practical application of IT (internet, accounting business applications etc.) and connecting all fields of study with socio-economic practice.

PWSBiA fulfills its mission by cooperating not only with national and foreign universities but also with various research and economic centers in Poland and abroad.

PWSBiA participates in Bologna process adjusting its educational system to the requirements of job market, promoting European approach to education and using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Since obtaining comprehensive education would not be possible without cooperation between national and foreign universities, PWSBiA aims at providing the conditions which enable students to continue their education at other universities abroad.

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