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Postgraduate studies are adressed to those who graduated from first cycle studies and obtained at least Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. This requirement does not apply to courses.

Type and duration

Type: part-time
Duration: two semesters (2-day sessions take place once in two weeks – on Saturdays and Sundays). 


Academic professors and practitioners who possess knowledge and skills and are experienced in particular fields of study.

Entry requirements

A candidate must submit the following documents: 
  • Original university diploma or its copy
  • 4 photographs (the same requirements as ID card photographs);
  • ID card copy

After submitting the documents, applicant signs University-student contract and pays registration and tuition fee.


Bank account number:
Prywatna Wyższa Szkoła Nauk Społecznych Komputerowych i Medycznych
Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego III o/ Warszawa 
37 1130 1062 8000 0000 0000 6785

Registration fee: 100 zł (the same for all courses)
Tuition fee: varies (see courses descriptions)

Payment options:
• single payment for the whole course (5% discount) 
• 2 installments (one for each semester). Tuition fee can be paid in more installments) 

Graduation requirements

Students have to pass all courses and exams. At the end of academic year, they also have to pass final exam or get a pass for final paper  (depending on the type of course).
In the course of studies, students obtain 60 ECTS points.


After fulfilling all requirements in course program, all graduates obtain Postgraduate Studies Diploma. Moreover, some courses enable students to obtain specialized certificates during the studies or prepare them for specialized exams.

Information, applications, contact

Postgraduate Studies and Courses Office
D1 Building, room no. 7 
22 559 22 39

Office hours:
Mon. - Thu. - 9 am - 2 pm
Saturdays  8 am - 1 pm (during weekend sessions only)
Sundays: 8 am - 11 am (during weekend sessions only)

Informacje, zgłoszenia, kontakt

Biuro Studiów Podyplomowych i Kursów
Budynek "A", pok. Ap-109 (I piętro)
T: 22 559 22 39
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field of study:*

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