Undergraduate program in administration prepares students to enter the job market and work in government and local government administration or in state and international organizations (especially in the EU).

Either full time or part time undergraduate program lasts 6 semester. After completing the studies, graduates are prepared to continue their education in graduate programs.

All courses are held on PWSBiA campus, which offers the best resources and facilities to support students’ education. Full time students attend classes from Monday to Thursday so that they have more time to learn, use library resources, become a member of student research association and rest. Sessions for part time students are held once in two weeks – on Saturdays and Sundays.

Graduates develop skills to apply general knowledge of social sciences, law, administration, socioeconomy and social psychology. They become familiar with comparative issues emerging from EU Constitutional law and the law of countries that apply for EU membership.

Courses are taught by specialists acclaimed in Poland and abroad, international and state officers i.a. Polish representatives in EU, NATO, the Department of Foreign Affairs, government and local government administration.

Students participate in lectures, workshops, practicals and seminars. The curriculum also includes didactic games which are related to students’ future careers. During the game, students become familiar with mechanism and procedures applied in local government units and international organizations.

Our students are provided with an opportunity to improve their foreign language skills. The number of foreign language classes in PWSBiA  exceeds the requirements of the Department of Education. Graduates reach B2 level in English (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and are able to use specialized language related to administration, law and economy. This applies either to beginners or more advanced students.

All students must take part in an internship program (at least 3 weeks of internship are required).

The financial aid program in PWSBiA enables students to pay a significant part of their tuition fee. Moreover, students with notable academic achievements are eligible for tuition fee refund after year 1.

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