Public Administration

Public Administration program enables students to:

  • obtain advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to the organization and operation of public administration.
  • gain ability of interpreting and using the legal documents related to public administration
  • gain skills necessary to manage public institutions, personnel and finances.

Graduates can enter the job market directly to work in various public administration offices and to apply the law in private institutions. They can also work in government administration, local government units, institutions, organization units that deal with satisfying public needs (related to land management; real estate economics; the protection of environment and natural resources; water management; housing, public, cultural and physical education, tourism etc.), tax chambers and offices. Graduates are prepared to engage in self-improvement and to update acquired knowledge and skills to keep pace with relevant changes in European integration processes.
They can deal with work-related issues, communicate with workplace personnel, use available information media and office equipment effectively, participate in group work and manage and lead small teams.

They have skills and competencies necessary to serve in administration and work in government and local government administration structures. Graduates may also continue their education in M.A. programs.

Modern Diplomacy and Foreign Services

The program of the studies is based on the experience in educating diplomats in Poland, Europe and the United States and EU officials. Its main objective is to educate highly qualified personnel to work in public administration and foreign services (diplomatic, consular and trade) and international business.

Specialized courses are taught by Polish diplomats, who pass their knowledge and experience gained in the Department of Foreign Affairs and international organizations.

Students can also benefit from the experience and knowledge of current and former ambassadors gathered in the Ambassadors’ Council – the Chancellor’s advisory body.

Our courses:

  • International organizations and institutions
  • The functions of the UN General Assembly and its councils
  • UN Security Council – structure, competencies and functions
  • The history of modern diplomacy
  • Diplomatic and consular law
  • Diplomatic protocol in bilateral relations and international institutions
  • Polish national interest
  • The Middle East and North Africa
  • East and South Asia, Australia and Oceania
  • International negotations

In the course of studies, students have an opportunity to master at least two foreign languages, including Japanese and Chinese. Moreover, they can choose other European or non European languages according to their preferences.

Students take part in internship programs in international organizations, institutions of international cooperation, Polish missions abroad and accredited foreign embassies in Poland.

After graduation, students have an opportunity to work in: 

  • The Department of Foreign Affairs
  • The President’s Office, the Prime Minister’s Office
  • The Chancellery of the Sejm and Senate
  • Government and local government units that deal with international cooperation
  • Companies and institutions that deal with EU structural funds
  • Foreign representative offices accredited in Poland
  • The administration of international organizations
  • Polish missions abroad and the missions of international organizations.

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